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Voluntary insurance of schoolchildren and students

Insured events include:
— chronic health disorders, i.e. an accident, accidental injuries (except bruises, wounds, dislocations or fractures, pathological fractures, burns, frostbite, electric shock, compression) Violation of the function of the affected organ of the Insured person by poisonous plants, chemicals, medicines, except acute poisoning poor-quality food, food poisoning (salmonellosis, dysentery, etc.), tick-borne encephalitis (local encephalomyelitis) or polio, if they occurred during this period. the term of the insurance contract;
— Cosmetically significant scars or pigment spots as a result of bone fractures, dislocations, complete rupture of muscles, ligaments, tendons, damage to internal organs that do not lead to a violation of the function of the damaged organ, burns, injuries or frostbite of soft tissues with the appearance, as well as the appearance of significant scars or wide pigment spots on the soft tissues of the trunk and limbs, loss of teeth, rupture of the tympanic membrane without hearing loss, unwanted injuries; eyes without loss of visual acuity;
— death of the insured person as a result of an accident.

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