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Do you know that ...

... the first in the history of the insurance contract was signed back in 1346.

... the first customer who opened the fashion of "exotic" insurance, became silent movie actor Ben Turpin. Back in the early 20s of last century, he insured his eyes for $ 20 thousand

 ... face of the top model Claudia Schiffer was insured at its time for $ 5 million.

... for $ 70 million insured his legs English footballer David Beckham and Russian singer Zemfira insured her fingers for $ 170 thousand

... the fastest, according to Guinness Book of Records, the famous Irish dancer's legs, of Michael Flatley, were insured for 25 million dollars.

... it was the first time of insurance of voice which was the voice of Marlene Dietrich, and at that time the amount of insurance was fabulous too - a million dollars! Rod Stewart praised his hoarse voice to $ 6 million - probably not to be cured accidentally and not to have a pure voice! And even in Russia in 2002 emerged the voice having been insured - Nikolai Baskov signed a contract of insurance for his own voice for the amount of $ 2 million.

 ... the most expensive insurance policy in the world belongs to the American director Steven Spielberg, his life was insured for $ 1.2 billion.

... famous circus promoters brothers Rinlin insured the elephant and rhinoceros, the performers in their show, in case of death and disability due to illness. This is an example of prudent attitude to its employees for entrepreneurs!

... an eccentric man decided to swim the English Channel in a bath by being insured in advance for 100,000 pounds. Underwriter calmly took this risk by putting only the condition that the bathtub drain hole is closed by a stopper.

... The world's largest cigar weighing 110 kilograms and with a length of almost 4 meters was insured during exposure on one of the exhibitions in London for 18,000 pounds sterling, and the premium was only 50 pence. Perhaps because, as claimed by the owner of a cigar, it can only be smoked in no less than 339 days.

 ... an enterprising car salesman from Nebraska has announced that it would pay a premium of 10 thousand dollars to anyone who, having bought a car from his shop in December and present it at Christmas snow-covered. Of course, he insured the car against possible losses. For a half million dollars. Likewise acted a company, which promised a million pounds to anyone who could capture the monster of lake Loch Ness.

... British commitment to a range of gambling activities is so strong that "Lloyd" has developed a special insurance policy for insurance of the employer in the event of dismissal of two or more employees, winning the national lottery. According to this policy the insurer covers the expenses for services incurred by the employer to pay for recruitment agency.

... A number of unusual insurances associated with businesses, especially some of them being of exotic nature become common practice. There are insurers to cover expenses of the entrepreneur for audit services, if regulatory authorities suddenly choose entrepreneur's company for such a check.

... for the emergence of insurance in Russia contributed great fires. During the XIII-XVI centuries Moscow was burning from the Mongol-Tatar invaders. The most terrible fire occurred in 1571, when the troops of the Crimean Khan Devlet Giray approached to the city. After him the territory of Moscow was halved, and the population numbered barely 30 thousand people. It was at this time in a society that initial ideas about compensation were originated for the benefit of fire victims. The first known case of the provision of state aid to fire victims is associated with the name of Boris Godunov. After a major fire in 1591, on his instructions were given out "for outbuildings with yard from funds of rental reservations of sovereign treasury equivalent to 5 thousand rubles." In 1784, after another "blaze up" Moscow was divided into 20 parts, each of which operated its own fire brigade. However, the number of fires was still significant, and they caused enormous losses. Therefore, in 1786, under the State Loan Bank in the two capitals of the empire were established Insurance Expeditions, which was the beginning of the insurance activities in Russia.

... One of the Russian insurance companies insured in summer 2006, a race on heels. Participants, in four Russian cities, had to cover the distance of 100 meters at a speed on shoes with a heel of at least 9 inches.

... common practice is to cover the possible consequences of different kinds of shows and attractions. For example in the "Lloyd" the first supersonic car was insured. The policy included coverage of all risks during transportation of the bolide to Nevada and while it is the testing ground as well as the pilot's insurance against accidents. Interestingly, the insurance applied only to the car with the engine off. Thus, the insurer will not accept liability for questionable experiments with excess speed.

... Russian athletes in Nagano and the participants of the World Youth Olympic Games were insured by both domestic and foreign insurance companies.

... South African actress Kerry Mrs. Wellis, forced for shootings in the film "Star Treck" to have a shaved bald haircut, and insured against the fact that her hair after this procedure will not grow.